Industry Reviews

Industry reviews allow us to develop our online courses

Shaw Academy offers education without limitation. Industry reviews from Shaw Academy are offered as free content as part of our monthly subscription which gives students access to over 100 different courses ranging from photography, marketing, finance, music and language.


Our online course material provides flexibility to students, meaning they don’t have to alter their work or family life in order to further their education, the teachers who handle Shaw Academy’s online classes are experts in their field and are only employed by Shaw Academy, meaning they are incredibly committed to their lessons, and the overall range and quality of what Shaw Academy offer mean there is something for everyone.


Whilst we are incredibly confident in what we offer our students, we also appreciate there may be hesitation before committing to learning with Shaw Academy. This can firstly be because of the fact that not a lot of people have engaged with education online before and are unaware whether it would work for them. In order to help prospective students in this position, we offer a four-week free trial, during which they can complete the first module of any course they choose.


Another reservation that some people have, specifically those who wish to engage in further education to either change their career or enhance prospects in their existing one, is how their new qualifications will be viewed by employers. The Shaw Academy main review page is used to ensure that we can continue improving by constantly referring to not just the feedback of our students but also of industry professionals who our graduates work with.

The History of Online Learning

Online learning or eLearning as it is commonly known has come a long way since before the internet when a combination of correspondence, mail and some in-person lessons constituted distance learning. Now, because of the internet, people from all over the world are able to learn high-quality and industry-approved lessons from a distance.


These adaptations, like any, take time. As such some people are still hesitant to embrace this new form of learning, worried about recognising it as official given it does not follow the guidelines of traditional education. People then tend to second guess the legitimacy of qualifications obtained online and worry employers may do the same; however, employers in fact have the opposite opinion.

Industry Reviews and the General Reaction from Employers

Generally speaking, employers love to see candidates with qualifications from online educators such as Shaw Academy. What you show when you further your education alongside other commitments is a genuine passion for what you are learning about.


Shaw Academy have an incredibly flexible approach when it comes to lessons, in that there are live webinars, but they are also pre-recorded as we appreciate sometimes other commitments may get in the way. That being said, though our lessons come with flexibility, there is a back and forth required if you are to graduate. Graduating from Shaw Academy shows commitment, discipline and positivity towards your chosen subject. These are all attributes that prospective employers will look upon favourably when you apply for job roles, as they will be aware that you have had to seek out these lessons to improve your career and have had the energy and commitment to see the course through to the end.


When you include online studying on your CV, along with all of the other achievements that you have, employers will see just how dedicated you are to your career. You possess the go-getting mindset that they will be keen for in new employees and are therefore someone worth considering for the job.


Your graduation from Shaw Academy is proof that without a strict, mandatory timetable or tightly knit deadlines, you are still able to work on your own, efficiently and to a high degree, regardless of other commitments you have had to balance in the process. This will put you in a great position when it comes to applying for jobs against traditional full-time graduates.

Shaw Academy can help you secure popular job roles

Popular jobs were already making the move online before the pandemic, now, since COVID has altered the way that most companies do business, a large majority of employers will look for online skills in candidates. By studying with Shaw Academy, not only are there courses available that would qualify you for these roles but pairing that with the fact you obtained these qualifications online will make you a prime candidate.


LinkedIn produced a report recently that confirmed what some of the most popular job roles in 2021 are. These included jobs such as Ecommerce frontline employee’s, loan and finance providers, sales and business development professionals, digital marketing professionals, digital content creators and specialist tech engineers.


Because of the range of online courses Shaw Academy offer, we are able to help our students qualify for work in these industries. Applicable courses include our Diploma in Project Management, Data Analytics Certification, Leadership Training, Financial Planning, Sales and Business Development Training, Social Media Marketing and Blogging, Content Creating and Vlogging.

Proficiency in English

One of Shaw Academy’s most popular courses is English, which is taken by those who already have a good understanding of the language and want to improve but also those who are completely new to it. In business terms, English is considered a global language and as such, regardless of the country a particular business operates in, English will be a prominent language used. Employers will constantly look for English speakers when they are hiring new staff, so having an understanding of the language is absolutely vital.


Using Shaw Academy’s online English course, students are able to shape their communication skills and begin talking, reading and writing in English fluently. Whether you are starting your own business or applying for other work, because of constant globalisation and an increase in international trade that continues to occur, it is paramount you have a grasp on the English language.


The online course material that Shaw Academy offer provide flexible high-quality lessons for those looking to improve their language skills. These can be learnt alongside other classes, for those who are looking to pursue a career in a different area but recognise the importance of learning English. Shaw Academy’s flexibility in its scheduling means it is easy to prioritise workloads for different subjects at the same time.


People with ambitions in medicine, science, biotech, pharmacology, copywriting, content creation and journalism will all need to be proficient in English. Whilst honing your skills in your desired field, Shaw Academy make it easy for you to engage in high quality and immersive learning with excellent results. This will again show a great level of commitment, with industry professionals appreciating your discipline when you apply for jobs in the future.

Improving your creativity

Whilst qualifications are important and the diploma you obtain upon graduating from Shaw Academy is recognised by employers, for people who are looking for a career in a creative industry, prospects will increase based on the quality of the body of work you can show as oppose to the qualifications you have. Shaw Academy are incredibly proud of the standard of lessons and teaching we offer all around and our creative courses are no exception.


The teachers at Shaw Academy are all employed full time. This means that they are heavily involved in crafting the courses and working with students to make sure that they are getting the most out of their time at Shaw Academy.


The feedback on the Shaw Academy reviews hub praises the quality of the teaching that is given and the course material that people learn from. “I started off with basic courses at Shaw Academy,” said Photography and Photoshop student Lou Luddington, “then I progressed to the more advanced photography diploma. Shaw Academy courses have helped improve the quality of my images enormously and I think that’s kind of the main thing really, which has then led on to being able to sell many of my images as fine art prints.”


Lou is one example out of many who show the quality of Shaw Academy’s Online Courses and how that quality manifests itself as improved skill in our students, which leads to paid work. Lou’s work is more freelance but her increase in clients buying her imagery as fine art is parallel to employers recognising the talent of those who graduate from Shaw Academy.


We at Shaw Academy are constantly looking for feedback on the main reviews page from customers and employers so we can continue adapting our courses and ensure that the services we offer are high in quality and practical. We regularly conduct industry reviews to make sure that our courses are practical and useful and this is to ensure that they will lead to our graduates either getting better jobs or excelling in their existing ones.