Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews of Shaw Academy

At Shaw Academy, we take a different approach to learning and we listen to our customer reviews. Teaching over 100 different online classes to millions of students all over the world, we believe if someone wants to further their education, they shouldn’t have to put their life on hold to do so. 


Our courses are all conducted online and whilst we recommend students attend live webinars, as this gives them a chance to ask questions as they arise, we appreciate life may well get in the way. As such, the webinars remain online to watch for 24 hours, so that those who work, have families or volunteer, are able to catch up on classes at a time that suits them.


As the years have passed, our numbers have continued to grow, be that in the courses we offer or the number of students who take them. Having started in 2012 and offering one course that 700 people enrolled in, we have continued to develop, refining the technology we use and ensuring the platforms students learn on are as easy to navigate and engage with as possible.


We at Shaw Academy pride ourselves on the quality of our online courses, the intracity of our course material and the dedication of the teachers who teach it. That being said, Shaw Academy would not have been able to develop as it has without the dedication and feedback of our students. With that in mind, we have set up Shaw Academy Reviews in order to continue to gain feedback and assess what we should continue to do and what may need changing. We are incredibly proud of the overall feedback that we continue to receive from our students, both past and present.


“I’ve done a lot of learning; I went to University and I’ve done professional qualifications and Shaw Academy is by far the easiest way to learn.”


Helen Kelly, Accountancy Student

Who uses Shaw Academy?

There’s always a reason why people want to enter further education. They can be looking to learn a new skill, have a career change to a new industry, develop skills they already possess or would like a new hobby. Regardless of our students’ reasons, Shaw Academy offers a learning experience that allows them flexibility whilst also being incredibly engaging.


Because of the way that subscribing to Shaw Academy works, students have access to all of the courses that we offer and as such, what may have initially started as a desire to enhance skills that they already had, students can instead develop a passion for something they didn’t even realise they were interested in.


“I’ve always had a love of photography, so when I learned to Scuba Dive and started my University Course in Marine Biology, it wasn’t long before I took my photography underwater… I think it was about three years ago, I decided I wanted to improve my photography skills, up my game in terms of the quality of images that I was creating and started looking for an online course that would help me learn about these things, learn about composition and learn how to use my camera manual so that I could get really creative, and that was when I came across Shaw Academy.”


Lou Luddington, Photography and Photoshop Student



“I’m a self-employed singer, so right now I’m out of work. Obviously, I’m trying to keep my brain active… being in lockdown [it’s] given me a sense of purpose.”


Natalie Marlow, Sound Engineering and Music Theory Student



“I saw an ad for Shaw Academy online and I saw that they offered a Sound Engineering course. This industry, even though I’ve been doing it for over 30 years, is constantly evolving. It’s a technical industry so in order to stay on top of it you’ve got to keep learning.”


Sean Sheldrake, Sound Engineering Student

Customer Reviews helped create a Free Trial Period

Due to the feedback from our Shaw Academy Student Reviews, we are aware of the variety of reasons why people may start a course with us, as above. We also appreciate that because of these varying reasons, budding students may be hesitant to commit to something right away, as they may not be sure the online courses and course materials will suit their needs.


We offer students a four-week free trial, during which they will be able to do the first module for any course they would like. If upon completing this module they decide they enjoy the lessons and would like to continue, they can subscribe, which will, in turn, give them access to the full range of courses that Shaw Academy offer.


“I thought what the heck, they’re offering me a free four-week trial, let’s check it out. And I did, I was very impressed.”


Sean Sheldrake, Sound Engineering Student

Flexibility of our Online Courses

There are many aspects that can stop people from pursuing further education; however, one of the most prominent is simply that people don’t have time. When entering further education at more traditional facilities, students are expected to put all other aspects of their life on hold in order to learn, which we think is unreasonable. At Shaw Academy, we do not believe that people interested in education should have that interest quashed, merely because they have additional commitments.


Shaw Academy course reviews confirm that the flexibility of the online courses offered is one of their main benefits.

“I enjoy the ability and flexibility with just creating your own timetable or work schedule so literally you can make it fit in to whatever lifestyle you have.”


Jennifer Steffan, Alternative and Holistic Therapies

Online learning with Shaw Academy opens up students’ lives so that they still have time to run their business, go to work, raise children and have a social life. Webinars are held frequently and students are encouraged to attend these live if they can, purely because it is a smoother learning experience if they can ask questions as and when the information is given. That being said, because of Shaw Academy’s desire to allow students to work flexibly, these webinars are pre-recorded and available for students to download and watch for 24 hours after the lesson.

Whilst our courses remain flexible, they also come with a set timetable of lessons and modules designed by the course teacher; however, students can follow these in their own time. We have found that providing this structure is very beneficial.

“I’ve been really impacted by the convenience of the course because I’m also a disabled person and that means that sometimes I need flexibility in my study patterns on days where I have a lot of pain or where I’m just struggling, I’m able to reschedule a class if I have one booked and if I miss one I can always catch up and watch the recording.”


Anna Marie, Alternative Therapies Student



“It has set up a bit of a structure for my days and I really needed that. When you’re freelancing you seem to have loads of time but without that structure you don’t get so many things done.”


Davinia, Crystal Healing Student

Cost of Shaw Academy Online Courses

We also receive a lot of positive feedback on how cost-effective our courses are. Learning online with Shaw Academy gives students excellent value for money. It is an incredibly affordable monthly subscription that is much cheaper than that generally charged by more traditional places of education, whose prices only seem to increase.


Not only is Shaw Academy cheaper literally, but students also save in the practical sense given they do not need to commute back and forth to attend lessons.


“They’re very flexible and very affordable, so kudos to Shaw Academy, I’m a huge fan.”


Sean Sheldrake, Sound Engineering Course


As well as the courses being affordable, the membership is very easy to cancel, so students do not have to worry about how they cancel the subscription and what the cost implications of doing so maybe.


If someone decides they wish to cancel the subscription, all they need to do is go to their profile, select “payments and memberships” and then “cancel and pause membership and benefits”. Students do not have to worry about committing to the costs of the course, which is also a hindrance with a lot of traditional educators, who seem to have a “once you’re in, you’re locked in” approach.



Who teaches the courses at Shaw Academy?

The educators at Shaw Academy are employed with us, and only us, full time. Customer reviews confirm how much of a positive thing this is as firstly, it improves the quality of the courses because teachers are able to throw themselves into designing modules, lessons and all-round course structure. They are heavily involved in the crafting of course schedules, allowing students to get the most of out their lessons.


Not to mention, the fact that Shaw Academy’s approach to online courses is such a flexible one, having teachers employed full-time means that if a student is watching a pre-recorded webinar and has a question about it, the necessary teacher will not be difficult to contact and will be able to help over email or phone call with ease.


“The instructor speaks slowly and clearly, easy to follow.”


Frank Jackovitz, Online Excel MS Training Student


We are constantly asking for customer reviews and feedback and use this information to continue developing our services. Our ability to listen to what our customers have to say and learn from it is why we continue to grow every year and can keep offering the high-quality online courses that we do.