Course Reviews

We offer a new approach to learning, with a reasonably priced monthly subscription, millions of students all around the world have access to hundreds of courses. Our students often leave course reviews of Shaw Academy, which is why we have summarised up just a small percentage below.


Students can take part in as many courses as they want, whether they are looking to further develop existing knowledge, gain new skills for a potential career change or even just learn new things for fun. Shaw Academy has online courses and course material for everyone.


We are always considering feedback from our students about the courses they participate in to ensure the service we offer is the best that it can be and we can continue to grow. We have set up the Shaw Academy Review Page to keep track of our students’ feedback, be this about the structure of the courses, the course content or the overall quality.

shaw academy course reviews

Try Shaw Academy Courses for free with a four-week trial

Learning online became more commonplace in 2020 than ever before; however, we at Shaw Academy have been offering online courses since 2013. The feedback we have had on our courses is extremely promising, but we appreciate that because it is not a traditional way of learning, people may not want to commit to something right away.


In light of this, we offer prospective students a four-week free trial period, where they are entitled to take part in the first module of a course of their choosing. This free course gives students the chance to assess whether or not the structure of learning online is for them. If they decide that it is then a monthly subscription gives them access to the plethora of courses we offer, ranging from digital marketing to graphic design to nutrition.

“I thought what the heck, they’re offering me a free four-week trial, let’s check it out. And I did, I was very impressed.”

 Sean Sheldrake, Sound Engineering Student

The Structure and Flexibility of Shaw Academy’s Online Courses

One of the main obstacles that get in people’s way when they wish to pursue further education is the fact that they just don’t have time. Taking the time to read course reviews of Shaw Academy will help set students up for success.


People run businesses, work full-time or part-time jobs and have families they need to take care of. Traditional places of learning expect students to drop everything so they can attend classes, whereas, at Shaw Academy, our courses come with flexibility.


Webinars get held frequently and though we encourage students to attend the live lessons, as this allows them to ask questions in real-time as and when they arise, these sessions are also pre-recorded so that if students cannot attend, they can catch up at a time that suits them.

The courses are flexible but set against a specific schedule designed by teachers. This means the way students learn is linear and easy to follow, regardless of when they listen to the online courses.

“I enjoy the ability and flexibility with just creating your own timetable or work schedule so literally you can make it fit in to whatever lifestyle you have.”

 Jennifer Steffan, Alternative and Holistic Therapies

 “I’ve been really impacted by the convenience of the course because I’m also a disabled person and that means that sometimes I need flexibility in my study patterns on days where I have a lot of pain or where I’m just struggling, I’m able to reschedule a class if I have one booked and if I miss one I can always catch up and watch the recording.”

 Anna Marie, Alternative Therapies Student


 “It has set up a bit of a structure for my days and I really needed that. When you’re freelancing you seem to have loads of time but without that structure you don’t get so many things done.”

 Davinia, Crystal Healing Student

A review of the quality of teaching at Shaw Academy

All of the educators at Shaw Academy are employed full time with us and only us. This is great when it comes to the quality of our online courses because those teaching them are heavily involved in crafting their structure and are also on hand to answer any questions that students may have, regardless of when they view the lesson. Our teachers work with students to ensure that they get the most out of their online course.


“The instructor speaks slowly and clearly, easy to follow.”

 Frank Jackovitz, Online Excel MS Training Student

Course Reviews of Shaw Academy show what is available to students

A lot of the comments we receive on the main review page for Shaw Academy pertain to the variety of courses we offer. There is something for everybody, regardless of what they wish to use the skill for. Be it as a hobby, a new career or to enhance something that they already know, there is a course for everyone. Our variety is reflected in not just the general topics that people can study but how those topics are broken down into more specific courses. Each student upon completing a course will earn a diploma that is recognised by employers, and we always ask our students to leave a course review of Shaw Academy to help others make a decision of which one to chose.

“I did the accountancy course because having my own business, I wanted to do my own accounts… the other added bonus is you can do fun things that you want to do, I did a Tarot Card reading course, there’s floristry, so it doesn’t just have to be about getting qualifications.”

 Helen Kelly, Accountancy Student


  • Photography

Shaw Academy offers photography classes that will help anyone, whether they are an amateur or a pro, further develop and enhance their photography skills and techniques.


The courses offered don’t just start and stop at photography but veer off and cater to the needs of everybody as people can learn iPhone and Android Photography, which can improve the quality of images they upload on social media. People can also learn Video Editing and Production, Wedding Photography, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.



  • Marketing


The Marketing Certification Courses Online that Shaw Academy offers cover a variety of topics, from writing SEO optimised content to creative writing to helping businesses grow on social media. Shaw Academy’s range of courses and experienced teachers will be able to help you understand different marketing tactics and channels and how these can be applied in the real world, depending on your business needs.


  • Design


Online Design Certification Courses help students enhance their design career and develop their creative hobby. Those who complete the course will obtain a recognised diploma, this can be in a wide-ranging body of professional courses, stemming from Interior Design to Graphic Design. These courses are taught by educators who give students the freedom to learn advanced techniques or beginners’ strategies, depending on what level they are already at.


  • Business Analytics


Shaw Academy offers some of the best Business Courses online, with a huge range of classes that students can take which assist them with obtaining the skills needed to develop their career further. Thanks to the globally recognised certifications that students graduate with, these courses help massively in both a professional and personal capacity.


  • Finance


The Professional Finance courses offered will help students come to terms with various stocks and shares markets. Students can also increase their knowledge when it comes to making a profit in trading and digital currency.


  • Health Wellness


Varying from fitness to nutrition, from cooking to mindfulness, the online Health and Wellness Certification classes that Shaw Academy provide can equip students with the knowledge and confidence necessary to succeed in a career that centres around health. Equally, students are also able to simply hone in on a new hobby that promotes a healthy lifestyle and good wellbeing.


  • Technology

The internet is now an absolute necessity as apps and websites are becoming people’s primary means of both professional and personal communication. Shaw Academy’s Technology Certification Courses are helping people learn more about the newest updates in technology and keep on top of an ever-changing world.


  • Art and Hobbies


A lot of people use Shaw Academy’s online courses to learn a new craft or acquire a new skill. This can vary from knitting to painting to writing, regardless, Shaw Academy has an online course for it. By attending our Art and Hobby Classes, people all over the world have been able to focus more on the arts.


  • Beauty


Whether people want to turn their hobby into a viable business or learn some new tips from some of the best beauty professionals in the world, online Beauty and Cosmetics courses can help. Students will learn practical skills surrounding skincare, body treatments and makeup.


  • Music


People can learn how to play and create music as well as the technical skills necessary to capture those creations thanks to our plethora of Music Courses Online.


  • Language


Whether you want to improve your written or verbal skills, or are a complete beginner, there is a class for you with Shaw Academy’s Online Language Courses.


The importance of course reviews of Shaw Academy

We offer a huge variety of online courses, offering something for everyone. The Shaw Academy reviews page allows us to adapt and develop the courses we offer to better suit the needs of our students. So take the time to read course reviews of Shaw Academy and find your perfect fit! 

How to cancel your Shaw Academy subscription?

Whilst we at Shaw Academy are incredibly proud of the quality of courses we offer and the flexibility at which our students can do them, we also understand people may want to cancel their subscription at some point and so we make this incredibly easy to do.


There is no long-term commitment to our subscriptions so once a student has finished the course they wanted to do they can simply cancel; however, because of the variety that Shaw Academy offer, we find that lots of people, even after completing their initial course, stay to learn even more.


To cancel a subscription, all a student needs to do is go to their profile, select “payments and memberships” and then “cancel and pause membership and benefits”.