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Shaw Academy Reviews

Whether you want to find out what we recommend in terms of a career path, how best to get into your chosen field or what students who have completed our courses think, you’ve come to the right place.

We know it’s not always easy to decide what to do. While many people know from early on in their education which path to follow, career choices are more difficult for others.

We also know that while you may have aspirations to enter a specific industry, you may not know how to get there, which is why we’ve rounded up industry reviews to help you out. Which qualifications you need, how to acquire them and whether our online courses are for you are all covered on this website.

Students review Shaw Academy courses


As well as info directly from the experts at Shaw Academy, on this site you’ll find reviews from students. We’ve worked with millions of students all around the world who have studied our online courses in a range of subjects.

Find out what they think in the video reviews below, and you can see our main website page here for more student reviews.

We know how important reviews are to you when you’re choosing where to study. There can be no better way of finding out about an online course than listening to what other people have to say.

Our students review everything from the course content to the way it’s taught, the cost of learning and how easy it is to access the content online.

Shaw Academy FAQs

Here you’ll find answers to all kinds of questions about studying online courses with Shaw Academy.


You’ll also find plenty of information about different career sectors that Shaw Academy works within. From expert Shaw Academy reviews of sectors including marketing, photography, business, accounting and much more, you can find useful info on taking your career to the next level.

Online courses are beneficial for anyone who wants to either enhance their current role or start a new career. Whether you want to dip your toe into a potential new career path, or you are keen to get ahead on your current trajectory, there’s a course available.

To start with, we recommend researching the skills you need to get in the first instance. For example, if you are a keen photographer, you may want to branch out into professional wedding photography or learn how to take excellent portraits. You may already have a good grounding in the technical side but want to develop your artistic eye.

At Shaw Academy we take our student reviews very seriously and always learn how to hone and improve the courses we offer. We also add new courses every month. You can see the entire course catalogue here. As you can see, some of the popular courses available include:

  • Photography courses at Shaw Academy
    • iPhone and Android photography
    • Video editing and production
    • Wedding photography
    • Adobe Lightroom
    • Online photoshop
  • Marketing courses at Shaw Academy
    • Digital marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Creative writing
    • SEO and digital marketing
    • Blogging, content marketing and vlogging
    • Viral marketing
  • Design courses at Shaw Academy
    • Graphic design
    • Fashion design
    • Interior design
    • Online photoshop
    • Web design
    • Budget graphic design
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Jewellery design
    • Technical drawing
  • Business and Analytics courses at Shaw Academy
    • Excel
    • Leadership and management
    • Diploma in Project Management
    • Data analytics
    • Bookkeeping and accounting
    • Sales and business development
    • How to start a business
    • Organisational psychology
    • Probability and statistical analysis
    • Mini MBA in Business
  • Finance courses at Shaw Academy
    • Financial trading and investment
    • Gold trading
    • Commodities trading
    • How to trade stocks
    • Property investment
    • Shares trading
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Financial planning
    • Economics
  • Health and Wellness courses at Shaw Academy
    • Human nutrition
    • Sports nutrition
    • Meal planning and food science
    • Mindfulness and meditation
    • Alternative therapies
    • Coaching
    • Personal trainer
    • Early childhood development
    • Psychology
    • Physiology
    • Pilates
    • Yoga
    • Forensic psychology
    • Advanced early childhood development
  • Technology courses at Shaw Academy
    • Coding and computer science
    • Web design
    • Web development
    • Data analytics
    • Advanced MS Excel
    • Computer science
    • Game develop[ment
    • Database development
    • Mobile app development
    • Coding for kids
    • Project management
    • Photoshop
    • Cybersecurity
    • React JS
    • Python Programming
    • Artificial intelligence
  • Arts and Hobbies courses at Shaw Academy
    • Painting
    • Cooking and baking
    • Knitting
    • Dog grooming
    • Wine appreciation
    • Acting and theatre
    • Floristry
    • Crystal healing
    • Tarot reading
  • Beauty courses at Shaw Academy
    • Beauty therapy
    • Makeup nails and beauty
    • Image consultancy
  • Music courses at Shaw Academy
    • Practical guitar
    • Music theory
    • Sound engineering
  • Language courses at Shaw Academy
    • English
    • English (ELTS Readiness)

Click here for Shaw Academy's YouTube Channel where you can find the reviews. You can also see a star rating next to each course on our main website. These give an aggregate star rating of each course based on student reviews. Check out our Feefo review page for independent reviews as well.

On each course information page, you can also click on the Reviews tab and you’ll see student reviews related to that specific course. These reviews are useful so you can find out what others think of the course. The reviews come from students who have either completed the whole course or are mid-way through their lessons.

Click onto the course you are looking at. You will see all the information you need, including the overall aim of the course and a summary of its content.

You will also see who it’s suitable for, how many past students have already graduated and the certification for that course.

The length of the course depends on the module chosen. If we look at the Painting course, we can see that it lasts for 16 weeks with 32 lessons.

The online classes at Shaw Academy are flexible, so you can choose a schedule that suits you. You can also pause the course to take a break at any point. This makes Shaw Academy ideal to slot in with your working hours, home schooling the kids or among other studies.

If you prefer, you can download class recordings so that you can watch them in your own time. And there is plenty of support from the course leader or educator. If you have any questions during your time studying with Shaw Academy, then you will always get a helpful response.

We want you to be able to begin your studies as soon as you want to. Whether you intend to use Shaw Academy online classes to learn a new hobby or improve your existing skills, or you want to get ahead in your job, we want it to be a simple, accessible and enjoyable process.

You can start your course at no cost. Shaw Academy courses are free for 4 weeks with no commitment necessary. At the end of the initial four weeks, you can either go ahead and subscribe, buy the recommended toolkit or simply stop studying with us.

You can take as many courses as you want, and there is an annual subscription available that gives you full access to every Shaw Academy course. This means full access to more than 100 accredited courses. There is at least 20 hours of learning available for each course, live chat support from the educator, continuous assessments and exams and you can choose lifetime access to all lessons if you wish.

Clicking onto the title of the course at will show you a separate page of information.

Along the top you’ll see tabs as follows:

  • Overview
  • Content
  • Reviews
  • Benefits
  • Price

Click on each tab for more detailed information on the courses before you decide whether to sign up. There is no commitment if you decide to try one of the courses. Every course offers four weeks free to start with, which is enough for you to decide whether it suits your needs.

We have lots of past student reviews available for you to look through. After all, over the years we have welcomed millions of students from around the world.

On our YouTube channel  you can find video reviews showing exactly what people think about studying online with Shaw Academy.

You can also find out what Shaw Academy students think on our main website’s ‘reviews page’.

This is our main website, which includes all of the information you need to book onto the course(s) of your choice.

Millions of students of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds have achieved their education goals with us. From studying for career development purposes to trying different subjects out of curiosity and interest, there are many reasons behind people’s decisions to study with us.

Companies that recommend us include:

  • Adobe
  • Vodafone
  • GoDaddy

As our courses are so wide-ranging, Shaw Academy educators can offer high level instruction in all kinds of subjects.

Students who have studied across many different subject areas and modules have left Shaw Academy reviews on various sites.

Every Shaw Academy online course contains four modules. Each module consists of between eight and ten separate lessons/classes. The content taught in these online classes will take you from a basic to advanced understanding of the subject.

To obtain the globally recognised certified Diploma from Shaw Academy you must complete each module. Every module ends with an assignment that is graded to give you a score. The results from all four module assignments are collated and go towards your Diploma result.

When you have completed all the end of module assignments and if your scores reach the criteria, you will be ranted a certified Shaw Academy diploma. This is available on our website. If you want a hard copy certificate, then all you need to do is email us at and we will arrange this for you.

When you study with Shaw Academy you can advance your learning and your career. Shaw Academy offers a certified Diploma qualification that is recognised at a global level.

The Shaw Academy Diploma is certified by Austin Peay State University (APSU) in Clarksville, Tennessee. APSU is an accredited institution by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. APSU partnered with us to certify Shaw Academy courses that empower students by providing the information, skills, know-how and flexibility of thought that it takes to get ahead in today’s complex world.

This accreditation from a major US university gives external validation and certification of your Shaw Academy studies. An independent academic certification is useful to show prospective employers or educational establishments exactly what you have achieved.

Shaw Diploma courses focus on practical, useful skills that will actively help you in your career. You can expect to learn information that is applicable in real-life scenarios, so that you can transition your learning and new-found knowledge into your job role or career plans.

The combination of practical skills, theoretical knowledge gained from learning from Shaw Academy educators and a University certification makes it easier for you to find the job you really want.

Shaw Academy courses are globally recognised by:

  • The CPD Certification Service

The CPD Certification Service began in 1996. It is the leading independent accreditation service operating across multiple sectors. The certification is designed to complement the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) policies that are in place for academic bodies and professional institutes. This accreditation is globally recognised as being compatible with the principles of CPD.

CPD principles are increasingly demanded across every industry sector, role, responsibility level or career level. We work with the CPD Certification Service to make sure that our qualifications are always flexible and give students the ability to upskill or reskill if necessary.

Shaw Academy works with CPD certification so that every course is formally certified by the organisation. When you get your Diploma it will have a logo to show that it is CPD approved.

  • The International Accreditation Organisation (IAO)

The IAO is an international quality assurance agency. Using its global network of expert assessors, the IAO grants accreditation for educational institutions as well as for individuals, professionals and corporations.

Shaw Academy’s entire educational system was evaluated by the IAP, after which it was granted full accreditation. The IAP uses patented points based system to ascertain quality.

  • The International Council of Specialised Online Certifications (ICSOC)

The ISCOC is a well-respected and long-established quality assurance organisation within the education sector. They specialise in micro-credentials based on enrichment learning.

Shaw Academy reaches their standard because we have created online short courses aimed at meeting the need for professional standard learners.

Certification is important for us at Shaw Academy. We want you to know that your studying will go towards helping you in the future. Whether you want to start a business, further develop skills you’ve learned or move up a rung within your profession, Shaw Academy courses are covered by recognised credentials and peer-evaluated quality assurance.

The most popular courses available for you to study at Shaw Academy include the following:

  1. Photography (1,503,225 graduates)

The Shaw Academy Photography course is titled: Learn Professional Photography Online.

The purpose of this course is to give you the skills necessary to start your own business as a photographer, or to land the job you want in the field. As with all of the Shaw Academy courses, the first four weeks are free of charge.

During this course students learn how to differentiate between types of lenses, how the camera works in each separate mode, the vital role of light within photography and how best to work with natural light only. They are also taught how to control the depth of field through use of the camera’s apertures and how to capture dynamic movement by controlling shutter speeds.

As well as the technicalities of using the camera like a professional, the course also covers composition and how to develop a unique style. The final part of the course covers photo editing.

Module 1: Diploma photography

The first module is at no cost and covers four weeks of studying. During this module the educator teaches students how to get started. From camera basics to understanding how to frame and shoot pictures, by the end of the first module students will be seeing things as a photographer.

Module 2: Intermediate photography

The second module goes into more detail to show the student how to capture professional level portraits and landscapes. The importance of colour and how to shoot in black and white, at night and in low light are all covered.

The final lessons of the module concentrate on macro photography and how to photograph food and wildlife. As you can see, the modules contain lessons that are easily applicable into real-life circumstances. The student will be able to take these new-found skills into the next stage of their career or further as a hobby photographer.

Module 3: Advanced Photography

The second module dives deeper into shooting images in a controlled way. Teaching students how to shoot raw pictures helps to understand how to better control everything from tone and sharpness to exposure and compression.

An in-depth lens filter guide goes along with a lesson metering and how to use light. The final few lessons go into flash photography and how to set up professional level studio lighting.

Module 4: Proficient photography

By the final module, it’s time for students to learn basic editing techniques. The course educator will teach the student how to edit both portrait and landscapes in full colour or in black and white.

The final part of the whole course involves creating a portfolio of pictures. The professionalism that students achieve at the end of the course will boost their chances of getting into the job they want. Whether they are interested in becoming a wedding photographer, snapping portraits for families or developing an artistic style of photography, the scope is wide-ranging. And most importantly, they have the skills to take their photography wherever they want it to go.

After the first module of eight lessons which is free of charge, students choose whether to go on with the rest of the modules. The cost of access to every Shaw Academy course on the website is £49.99 per month after the first four weeks free.

What students say about studying photography at Shaw Academy

Reviews are positive with an average score of 4.8/5. You can find more reviews here. Snippets of a typical student review talk about the lessons being “interesting and fun”, how “the information is stunningly laid out and the instructors are clear and interactive.”

  1. Graphic Design (1,119,045 graduates)

The Shaw Academy online graphic design course is extremely popular with students. There are so many career paths open to someone qualified in graphic design techniques.

This course aims to expand students’ creativity through editing images, animation techniques, 3D rendering, and layout skills. At the end of the course, the student receives an internationally recognised certificate in graphic design to take forward into their plans for the ideal job.

Through four modules, all taught online, the students learn the basic principles and more complex elements of graphic design. The course teaches the practical skills necessary to use the Adobe suite of software, including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. These are all heavily used in design studios around the world, so having a certification in Adobe products is extremely useful to land a graphic design position.

The course also goes into the complexities of the design cycle, how typography works in this context. Final steps in the fourth module go into the important aspects of starting a graphic design business and developing a portfolio of work.

Module 1: Diploma in graphic design

As with the first module of all Shaw Academy courses, these lessons are free of charge. They span four weeks and encompass eight online lectures. From the basics of graphic design, the educator takes students through basic elements and principles of design.

Logo designing using the Adobe Illustrator comes next, followed by how to manipulate images and design a poster using Adobe Photoshop before two lessons on using Adobe InDesign. Students finish the first module by using InDesign to design a brochure.

Module 2: Intermediate graphic design

Students that move on to Module 2 and above must subscribe to Shaw Academy. The £49.99 subscription doesn’t just give access to this course, however, but to all courses on the main website.

The second module teaches advanced colour theory and how to understand print terminology. From there, lessons cover creating a mood board, advanced typography, how to use the pen tool, designing a magazine cover and advert in Photoshop and a magazine layout in InDesign.

These are real world graphic design skills that will mean students have the understanding and skills to move ahead in this sector, whether they want to be a freelance graphic designer or work for a studio.

Module 3: Advanced graphic design

Now that students understand their tools and how to use the suite of Adobe software to design various elements, the third module concentrates on advanced skills. These include how to think creatively to solve a problem. Crucially, there is a lesson in corporate identity and the chance to create a mock-up design.

The rest of the lessons cover advanced photo manipulation, interactive PDF creation and e-publication skills. Packaging design, web and social media design and infographics complete this module.

Module 4: Proficient graphic design

The final module is about getting the student ready for professional graphic design. The course educator takes students through lessons on creating fonts, advanced digital illustration, how to create a digital resume, essential information and skills for starting a design business, how to get a foot in the door and how to create a portfolio using InDesign.

What students say about Shaw Academy graphic design courses

There are hundreds of reviews available on the main website or our YouTube channel. The average review score for this course is 4.9/5. Typical student reviews for this course include how enjoyable the lessons are, how supportive the educator is and the wealth of information covered in the lessons.

  1. Interior Design (791,021 graduates)

Starting with a practical knowledge of creating design projects through to running an interior design business, the Shaw Academy interior design course is popular with students.

Module 1: Diploma in interior design

The first module is free of charge and consists of eight lessons spread over four weeks. Covering principles of design, how to understand style, the background and meaning of interior design, communication tools that designer use and basic design terminology, the course continues with laying out and understanding floor plans.

Final lessons in this module include the use of colour, how to view perspective in terms of design and finishes with an overview of a typical timeline for an interior design project. The educator also runs through the kinds of clients that interior designers tend to run into.

Module 2: Intermediate interior design

This important module goes into more depth about what an interior designer actually does in the professional sphere. By learning about influential and successful designers, the educator forms a picture of the ideal characteristics necessary in a designer.

Lessons then go on to talk about the kinds of clients that interior designers deal with, how to create a concept, fulfil a brief, guide a design idea and how to create a design scheme. The final lessons cover sourcing and finding materials, how to value and use them and how to deal with contractors and suppliers.

Modules 3 and 4 cover advanced and proficient interior design lessons. These aren’t yet available but will be shared on this page when they are.

What do students think about the Shaw Academy interior design course?

The average review from students and graduates is 4.7/5. Typical student reviews talk about the amount of knowledge they have gained from the course, how enjoyable the lessons are and how impressive the structure of the classes is. The interior design online lessons are frequently compared favourably with college level instruction.

  1. Digital Marketing (471,518 graduates)

The Shaw Academy online digital marketing certification course takes students through understanding different channels, learning marketing tactics and how to apply these skills. After they have completed the course, students will understand how to crate a digital marketing strategy that meets the needs of the brand.

Module 1: Diploma in digital marketing

The first module is free and starts with the basics of digital marketing. Lessons cover how to reach the target demographic, tracking marketing collateral, how to understand mobile marketing, how to create SEO and social media pages at little cost.

The final lessons cover Google Ads, how to use paid social media channels to work for the client. This includes how business and individuals use different channels, how to use paid marketing opportunities on Instagram and Facebook, and the basics of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Module 2: Intermediate digital marketing

Starting with copywriting and creating and developing content, the second module goes into more advanced marketing skills. These include creating adverts and video content, email marketing, affiliate and influencer marketing, Facebook Business Manager, how to plan and implement a Google Search campaign.

Module 3: Advanced digital marketing

From understanding metrics to brand management, eCommerce and intermediate level SEO, the third module in the digital marketing course furnishes students with the skills they need to create their own digital marketing plans and understand how to execute them.

Module 4: Proficient in digital marketing

The final module gives students all of the skills they need to excel in digital marketing, whether as a freelancer working with clients or at an agency. Converting leads, managing and monitoring social media, turning fans into paying customers and how to optimise the social media strategy are all covered here.

What students are saying about Shaw Academy digital marketing

The average student review for the digital marketing course is 4.9/5. They speak highly of the presentation by the educator, the interaction with the instructor, the wealth of information presented in each lesson and that they are gaining valuable knowledge.

  1. Project Management (133,832 graduates)

The Shaw Academy online project management certification and training is the fifth most popular course on offer.

Students learn the full cycle of a typical project and how to implement the foundations of a strong implantation plan. The course then goes on to teach how to develop the plan, how to execute and control progress and covers advanced project management tools and techniques. By the end of the course students will understand how to take any project from start to finish.

Module 1: Diploma in project management

The first four weeks of this course are free of charge and cover 10 lessons ranging from the very basics to more advanced knowledge about project management. Starting with what project management is, through to initiating and defining a project plan, the lessons then cover how to cost the project, manage risk, execution and leadership, how to close the project. The final lesson covers a breakdown of Gantt charts.

Module 2: Intermediate project management

The second module focuses on leadership, looking at what it is, why it matters and the principles to understand. The last few lessons go into depth about leading with vision, values and purpose and how great leaders inspire through communication.

Module 3: Advanced project management

Eight lessons take the student through more advanced understanding of leadership within organisational cultures, leadership and engagement, why leaders mentor and develop others and how leaders empower creativity and innovation.

Module 4: Proficient in project management

Adaptive leadership, strategic awareness, how to scan and understand the environment as a leader and how to lead through change are all covered in the final module. By the time students complete the course they are certified in project management and armed with skills that can help them develop the career they truly want.

What do students think of Shaw Academy project management courses?

The average rating for this course is 4.8/5, which shows how much graduates have enjoyed the lessons and how much they have learned. Typical reviews praise the educator’s ability to distil the Agile principles clearly and succinctly, the informative nature of the course and the sheer variety of topics covered.

Shaw Academy courses are all online and accessible for everyone. We offer four week’s free tutoring for every course. After the four weeks, students will need to subscribe to carry on. The subscription costs £49.99 per month and gives access to all of Shaw Academy’s courses – there are currently more than 100 spanning all kinds of subjects.

All courses are delivered via online webinars. The online lessons are interactive and are scheduled twice a week. Students get an email before the lesson starts with the time set in the local time, depending on where the student lives. This means that anyone can join the live classes.

Classes can only be joined at the scheduled times using the link in the reminder email or through the Member login area on the main website. Some Shaw Academy courses are also available ‘on demand’. This means the student can begin and finish the course at their own pace and fit it in between other commitments.

Foundation courses run twice a week at 19:00 in the UK on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Students attend from all over the world so should check their reminder emails for clarity on time zones.

We encourage all students to attend live classes if they can. During the webinars, students can interact with the course educator and ask any questions they have. However, Shaw Academy recognises that it’s not always possible to attend every session at the scheduled time.


To ensure the webinars are available to students at all times, they are recorded and then uploaded to the Members Area of the main website. Students just need to login in to view the lessons. They have unlimited access for the duration of the four week free trial, and afterwards if they subscribe.

The Shaw Academy foundation courses are eight classes of one-hour lessons. Every lesson includes a question and answer session at the end, lasting for around 15 minutes.

Advanced courses run for 12 weeks and consist of both a practical and theory element.

The course webinars are available to subscribed students in the Members Area of the website. The lessons are not downloadable and are only available via either live or recorded streaming.

Every week after the second lesson there are weekly assignments for the students to take away. They are optional and it’s possible to receive certification without completing al the assignments. Assignments are in multiple choice format.

At the end of every module there is an ‘End of Module’ assignment. Students must complete all four module assignments to receive the Diploma. When they have completed the assignments, they will receive an e-Diploma from Shaw Academy. This diploma is accredited by various industry bodies and by a university in the US. Hard copy diplomas are also available should students wish to have one.

Webinars are accessible from any device as long as there is a working Internet connection. Email reminders are sent before each online lesson, containing the link to the webinar.

Alternatively, students can go onto the main site and login to the Members Area to access their lessons. Lessons are uploaded 24 hours after the live lesson for access to students. To login to the Members Area, students just need to click login on the upper right hand side of the page. The user name is the email address used to sign up to the courses and password, which will have been created at the same time.

Students can therefore attend the online webinars from their phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or any other device that’s connected to the Internet. While it’s absolutely possible to complete the online courses solely from recorded webinars, Shaw Academy does recommend attending as many live lessons as possible.

Feedback and Shaw Academy student reviews tell us that attending live is more engaging and much more fun. Students have the chance to interact with the educator and get more out of the session. Sticking to a timetable also means a higher chance of completely the course and getting the certified Diploma. However, the benefit of Shaw Academy webinars is that they are also available afterwards.

Shaw Academy courses are all designed to deliver the maximum information to students for each subject. They are also designed to provide the student with the practical and real-world skills to take the learning forward into their careers.

All lessons are devised with practical considerations of the workplace in mind. Students don’t just leave with an academic understanding of their subject area. Rather, they are equipped with skills and in-depth understanding of how to implement the learning in the workplace.

Most of the courses include teaching on the wider professional sector and how to get started. The advanced modules are also suitable for people already working within their chosen sector and who want to advance.

Shaw Academy educators also cover working independently, whether as a sole trader or a start-up owner. Courses through Shaw Academy are about getting ready for the real world of work, but also enjoying the learning process.

There are also some courses suitable for people who want to dip their toe into different sectors. Or they can develop artistic and creative skills as a hobby. Not every course is about career development, some are just for fun! But all of them can be used in that way by students.

For example, an amateur artist may decide to learn more specific techniques through the Shaw Academy Painting course. Or a student with basic graphic design skills may want to learn how to turn this into a viable business.

The main benefits of studying online with Shaw Academy are:

  • We offer four week’s learning for free – that’s enough time to get the first module under your belt.
  • Subscriptions after the trial only cost £49.99 per month, and that gives students access to all 100+ Shaw Academy courses. There is no limit to the number of courses students can study at one time.
  • The online classes are flexible. While they are timetabled as live seminars, students can also access them after the live lesson has finished. This means that students have control over when they learn.
  • Shaw Academy students can choose their own schedule and are free to take a break from studying whenever they want.
  • Offline mode means that webinars are always accessible through the Members Area on the main website.
  • High level of educator support from the course leaders through live Q&As during the online webinars.
  • The curriculum is internationally focused, giving students skills that are applicable professionally in any country.
  • Just one subscription gives access to all Shaw Academy content with unlimited courses available. This is the simplest way to learn, with no hidden extras or added costs.


There are many benefits to studying online with Shaw Academy. Reviews from current students and graduates reflect not only enjoyable lesson content, but encouraging and enthusiastic educators and the flexibility of the course availability.

Shaw Academy reviews also mention the following:

  • The breadth of information covered in course modules.
  • Accessibility of online webinars.
  • The fact that educators are also full-time employees at Shaw Academy so that they are on had to offer support and up-to-date content and contact.
  • The breadth of courses available to subscribed users.
  • Final assignments are marked at the end of each module to ensure that students have reached the standard necessary to receive their certified Shaw Academy Diploma.
  • That they can also choose additional learning support materials with quizzes and further resources available
  • Access to a huge range of courses with all additional content included.
  • The standard of teaching and lessons that equips them for their job role or career plans.

Shaw Academy affiliates can earn commission by sharing our courses. For every customer they share Shaw Academy accredited courses with, then earn some money.

Affiliates tend to be social media influencers, bloggers and publishers who have ether studied with Shaw Academy or are interested in online learning and want to share this with people they know.

By sharing Shaw Academy reviews of courses, they can show their followers, readers of clients what they could gain from studying online with us. All they need to do is talk about why they think Shaw Academy courses are worthwhile for people who want to enhance their skill levels and include links within their website, blog or content.

People who follow these links and end up signing up with Shaw Academy earn money for the affiliate. It’s a really great way of spreading the word about Shaw Academy. There’s no contract and people can make unlimited referrals.

We know that good reviews and word of mouth are great ways to expand our student base. Shaw Academy is passionate about spreading the word about flexible, affordable and accessible online courses that result in and accreditation.

Shaw Academy affiliates can refer anyone they believe will be interested in increasing their skills across the courses we offer.

Reviews of Shaw Academy tell us what people like and dislike about our courses. We use these student and graduate reviews to make sure that we continue to offer quality education that is accredited and recognised around the world.

We also frequently produce articles and blogs that delve into different careers, job roles and industry sectors. The idea is to give students more information on the kinds of roles they can feasibly achieve with their Shaw Academy Diploma and to update students on the current state of different sectors.

Written by Shaw Academy educators and industry experts, the articles cover ‘how to’ guides on getting into different sectors. For example, the most recent articles published on our main website include How to Become a Sound Engineer and How to Write a Good Elevator Pitch.

We also have separate information websites covering more in-depth information about career paths and the resources available to help students get the most out of their courses.

To check these out go to  and 

On each of the websites you’ll find expert articles about different aspects of the courses, including the jobs they can lead to and the resources people need to get the most out of their studies.

The information presented on the Shaw Academy websites is useful for everyone, regardless of their starting point. So, complete beginners or young people who don’t yet know which career path to follow will be able to find useful information. At the same time, those who are already working within their chosen industry can get tips tricks and advice on how to progress.

As you can see, Shaw Academy takes online education seriously. There are many courses designed specifically to help people get ahead in the workplace. These vary from useful information on starting a business, becoming a freelancer or how to land a position in an existing firm.

There are also specific finance courses, business courses and project management courses available, for example. However, Shaw Academy reviews tell us that our courses are also enjoyed by people who are looking for a new hobby, or to expand their knowledge of an existing hobby.

The Arts & Hobbies section of our main website includes courses on painting, knitting, cooking and baking, dog grooming, wine appreciation, acting and theatre, floristry and crystal healing.

While these can be pursued solely as hobbies, the courses also give students the skills necessary to start their own business if they wish to. There is plenty of scope to sell art and crafts online, for example, and dog grooming can lead to a career in canine care.

Below are some of the Shaw Academy reviews for some of the most popular courses in this section of the course catalogue.

  1. Shaw Academy online painting course

This comprehensive painting course covers everything from painting landscapes and still life to full on portraits. So far, 12,338 students have taken part in our paint course. Reviews for this course average at 4.9/5.

As with all Shaw Academy online learning, the first four weeks of the painting course is free. After that, students need to subscribe. When they do they’ll get immediate access to all of our courses too, so if they want to branch out into a different hobby or professional course they can.

The painting course is split into four modules over 16 weeks. So that’s 32 lessons available plus assessments, all resulting in a globally recognised accredited certification.

Module 1: Diploma in painting

This is the free course, and as you’d expect starts right from the basics. Lessons include an introduction to painting, essential tools, mediums and materials you need as a painter, and how to draw geometric forms.

All kinds of skills are covered including understanding perspective, using a reference image, lighting and tone, colour theory, blending and building and varying the paint application to get different affects. At the end of this module, students will have produced their very own still life painting encompassing all of the skills and techniques listed above.

Module 2: Intermediate

This module concentrates on landscape painting, including how to compose an image, the rule of thirds and angle theory. The next lesson looks at plein air painting, using watercolours.

The rest of the lessons cover taking photos for reference, how to work at scale, painting clouds and different painting techniques, such as scumbling. And the module finishes off with the educator taking students through the process to produce their own contemporary style landscape painting.

Module 3: Advanced

The third module is all about painting portraits, with lessons concentrating on the face, body and lighting. Techniques to give movement to form and lessons in creating full-length sketches of bodies come before exploring some of today’s best contemporary portrait artists.

Studying other artists gives students context and more information with which to conceptualise their own portraits. By the end of this module, students will have produced their own portrait painting.

Module 4: Proficient

The final module spends each lesson honing a different technique, ranging from only using straight edges to cubism and surrealism. There is also a lesson on painting in a photorealistic style, one on pop art and a final challenge to paint a fusion style painting, using a combination of different styles learned during the course.

  1. Knitting course: learn knitting online

The Shaw Academy knitting course is a great example of how we provide the broadest possible subjects for online learning. And while this is in our hobbies section of course, there is nothing to stop students becoming experts and starting their own knitting business.

We’ve had more than 4,000 students complete the knitting course so far, with an average review score of 4.2/5. Here’s a quick overview of the knitting course and the kinds of lessons included in the modules.

Module 1 – Diploma in knitting

The first four weeks of the online knitting course are available for free. During these eight lesson webinars, a Shaw Academy educator takes students through the basic stitches, all about different yarns, how to cast on and off, the difference between knitting styles, purl stitches from around the world, how to knit seams and by the end of this module students will have produced their very own baby blanket.

Module 2 – Intermediate

Fixing mistakes, understanding tension and gauge, knitting on the round, decreasing stitches and mastering ribbing all form part of the first six lessons. By lesson 7 and 8, students are knitting their very own hat using all of the techniques they’ve learned so far.

Module 3 – Advanced

Stepping up the skills by learning how to knit with two colours, understanding colour charts, knitting Fair Isle patterns, knitting with multiple colours, how to create your own colour chart all culminates with students knitting a cowl scarf.

Module 4 – Proficient

The final module concentrates on knitting a sweater, how to read a pattern, work out knitting pattern maths, swatching, increasing stitches, splitting sleeves and techniques for creating buttons and buttonholes. The final lesson in the whole knitting course is appropriately called OMG, you did it! and goes over some of the more complex techniques.

  1. Shaw Academy crystal healing online course

This is one of the more esoteric Shaw Academy online learning courses available, and reviews show that it’s popular with past students. We have had around 5,000 graduates in this course, with an average review score of 4.2/5.

Students learn all about the ancient art of crystal healing with four online modules spread across 16 weeks of study. There are 32 lessons plus assessments all taught by Shaw Academy educators to the highest standard.

Module 1: Diploma in crystal healing

Again, the first module is free of charge, giving students the chance to try the course on for size before committing to all four modules.

In the first module, eight lessons take the students through the basics, from how crystal healing works, the benefits of crystal healing and how crystals form. The lessons go on to explain the seven chakras, how to select crystals, the significance of differently shaped crystals. By lesson 4 the educator is talking big themes such as ‘universal love and goes through the 35 crystals used on the course.

And while this online crystal healing course could be studied solely as a hobby, there are also lessons about setting up sessions for clients. The final lesson ties t all together and finishes with guidance regarding crystal grids and how to name your own healing practice.

Module 2: Intermediate

The second module develops students’ psychic abilities through the use of crystals. Each of the next lessons are dedicated to one of the main seven chakras, focusing on the ways that abilities tend to unfold and how to recognise your very own psychic connection.

Lesson 8 culminates in the Crown (seventh) chakra. This is the eternal connection to the divine source. The last lesson also touches on past life regression and explores amethyst, howlite and clear quartz.

Module 3: Advanced

Module 3 takes students through more advanced techniques for crystal healing and includes lessons on how to take care of your own energy too. To become a successful crystal healer, students must understand the safety procedures for clients and learn how to cleans their own energy too.

The rest of the lessons cover important topics such as how to clear energy blockages, the earth and star chakras, how to heal from a distance, how to use crystal rollers and wands. The final lesson covers angel healing, which is the eternal energy that helps people through every avenue of life. There are seven kinds of angels and six archangels, and the educator takes students through each one.

Module 4: Proficient

The final module of the Shaw Academy online course in crystal healing takes students through the deepest lessons yet. Learning about abundance is linked to conquering fears of success, learning how quartz is formed and how to trust your intuition as a healer. Students also learn about different elements, how to create a crystal vision board and how to include crystal oracle readings in their practice.

At Shaw Academy, we are very conscious of the information that students and graduates communicate to us through their reviews. Shaw Academy reviews, whether they are written reviews or video reviews not only give us excellent feedback that we can incorporate into our online learning resources, but they help other people choose a course.

Statistics show that 90% of consumers always check out online reviews before deciding to go ahead with a business, whatever their services or products. According to invesp, 88% of consumers trust online reviews in the same way that they do a recommendation directly from a friend.

Did you know…

  • Around 72% of consumers say that they trust businesses that have positive reviews.
  • 92% of consumers will use a business if it has at least an average of a four star rating.
  • Approximately 72% of consumers will decide to go with a company after reading a positive review.
  • On average, consumers read between four and six reviews before making a decision.

Shaw Academy reviews are even more important for students. We know how important it is to make the right decision when it comes to online learning, particularly if you are deciding on a learning experience to help you either get a new job or move up in your chosen field.

Learning online is new to a lot of people, although the pandemic has made it a more popular option than before. Millions of people all around the world are engaging in some form of online learning, whether it’s through their companies, college or university, or by independent means.

Online learning is only as good as the content and resources contained in the courses, and the quality of the educators. As Shaw Academy has been facilitating successful online learning for many years, our courses are ideal for those looking to study during lockdown or to complement working from home.

Shaw Academy reviews show what students like and what they think could be improved about online learning with us. And that’s why we like to have as many online reviews as possible. We want the information to be available for people to peruse before they make the decision to study online with us.

This is also why we offer four weeks free studying as part of all of our courses. As there is no commitment, this method of studying allows students to try the foundation level diploma modules for their chosen subject. When they have completed these four weeks, it’s then up to the user whether they want to subscribe to Shaw Academy to complete their studies.

There is no obligation to do so, as we want as many people as possible to have the choice whether to learn online with our Shaw Academy educators without the pressure to continue.

Anyone who does want to sign up to the subscription model will find a very easy system. One sign up and subscription takes a monthly payment and gives students access to every single one of our Shaw Academy courses. There is no limit on the number of courses one student studies, which is ideal for those in between jobs or newcomers to the corporate world who are still searching for the ideal position.

“Love love LOVE Shaw Academy! I took the course and loved every minute of it. I learned more in the first few lessons of this online course than I did during my University’s photography class. I am now proud to say I am a lifetime member of Shaw Academy and am loving my new classes – Ultimate Photography and Nutrition…Great classes! Wonderful teachers! I highly recommend it!”

Anna Burnham Review for photography and nutrition

“I’ve done the Foundation in Photography, the Advanced Photography and am now in the middle of the Photoshop course. I have loved each one and have hugely advanced my photographic capabilities.”

Mandy Bonner Review for photography and Photoshop

“I am doing the Personal Nutrition course with the wonderful tutor Michelle with her lovely lilting accent. At first, I wasn’t sure how I would get on with online learning but have found it very easy to navigate, access and look through."

Caroline Bee Review for personal nutrition

“I enrolled on the ten-part online Foundation Course with Shaw Academy covering financial trading. All the basics, including Forex, stocks and indices and interpreting Japanese candlestick charts were covered in great detail.”

Michael Christopher Sainsbury Review for financial trading